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Photo by Bruno Ferrante
Early on her childhood, when singing around, Barbara received the first appraisals on her voice. When she was 17 years old, during a student exchange program in the USA, she started to put more dedication into working her vocals. “We were allowed to choose the disciplines we wanted to study. Chorus singing was part of the regular high school curriculum and it was an easy and pleasant way of skipping class”, she says. The fun turned into serious business when it turned out to be professional.

After returning to Brazil, Barbara became a member of the Guaira Theater Choir (Coral Teatro Guaira), where she developed her vocal skills under the guidance of maestro Emanuel Martinez and the vocal technician Pedro Gória. In all, there were eight years of experience, study, improvement and joy of singing.

The composition

In parallel with the musical learning, Barbara took the chance to practice her poetic skills in the lyrics composition. The process? Simple: “I sit in front of the piano with an extract of a lyric in my head, sometimes not even this, I start playing around with the piano keys and something always comes out”, explains.

Barbara has a text file full of musical parts to which now and then she adds pieces to and, after some time, she frequently completes her songs. “You have to understand, I am a girly girl. Of course I talk about boys and feelings! I add up pieces of ideas until it turns into a complete song.

The CD

At the beginning of 2007 the opportunity of recording a cd came up. Barbara worked on a home clip, with little or no production at all, and posted it on YouTube. Soon that clip was a hit among her friends and to the list of friends she added an unexpected fan: her grandfather, Emilio Gomes. He asked her if the had more songs. Upon the affirmative answer, he decided to sponsor the recording of her first cd.

That is how the songs came out of the drawer and instead of publishing only a demo with three songs, which was the original plan, she ended up a complete cd named Wide Open, with twelve songs. Her lyrical vein is clear in the songs. Owner of a distinctive and powerful voice, she speaks with displicence of the operas performed, like they were nothing. “I performed in La Traviatta (Giuseppe Verdi), Aida (Verdi), Carmina Burana (Carl Orff), Carmen (Georges Bizet), Beethoven’s 9th Symphony (Bethoven)…, but the one I love the most was Mozart´s “Great Mass in C Minor”. I know it by heart, to this day.”

Photo by Bruno Ferrante

The Production

Being a fan of the lyrical singing, of the voices variations and the backing vocals, Barbara worked almost all the voices on her cd. The production – and almost all the instruments – were lead by the argentine producer Jorge Falcón. Through his experience – and a lot of communication – they defined how each arrangement to each song would be done.

If Barbara could, she would have produced four albums: this one, one with voices only, one with piano and another with a string quartet. “My experience has helped me develop a bit more the ear towards the more classical arrangements and instruments, and mainly to the voices variations, which are the part I love working with the most”, she finalizes.